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Types of Waste Handled

RCRA Waste

We can handle any Flammables, Oxidizers, Toxics, and Corrosives doesn’t matter if they are Liquid or Solid.

Non-Hazardous Waste

We specialize in recycling of water-based paint to help the environmental and to help you keep it off a hazardous waste manifest.

Non-RCRA Waste

Any used oil, coolant, water-based cleaners, or a combination of all the above, we can transport it.

Universal Waste

Across the board, from batteries and fluorescent lights to electronic waste or e-waste, we can pick it up for you.

Storage Supplies & Equipment

We also offer a full line of hazardous waste handling and transportation equipment, including steel, poly, and fiber drums and pails, UN boxes and super sack bulk bags, overpacking containers, absorbents and packing materials.

Regulatory References

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